Private charters of the Hiawatha are always welcome on a first come first served basis. Please send an email to Hiawatha Customer Service for available dates and additional
information.  Here are the most asked questions about renting the Hiawatha for your event.


Q.        How Much Does It Cost?

A.        The cost of the Hiawatha is currently $325.00 for a 1 hour cruise, $550.00 for a 2 hour cruise.
           Additional 1/2 hour increments are available for $125.00 


Q.        What Is The Deposit Amount?

A.        To validate your charter date and time a $100.00 non-refundable deposit is
           required for each hour chartered. The balance is due two weeks before charter 


Q.        How Many People Can The Hiawatha Hold?

A.        According to the United States Coast Guard, the Hiawatha passenger capacity is 115 
           persons to include DJ or band and catering staff. Hiawatha, Inc. strongly recommends 
           that charters be limited to 100 passengers for comfortable arrangements in case of 
           inclement weather. Upper deck capacity is limited to 55 passengers.


Q.        Can Alcoholic Beverages Be Brought Aboard?

A.        The Hiawatha retains a Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board License. Therefore, no
           alcoholic beverages are permitted to be brought aboard.


Q.        Can Food Be Brought Aboard?

A.        Catering aboard the Hiawatha by a licensed business is permitted. Select from
           one of the many caterers familiar with the Hiawatha or hire your own.  We have a
           list available; click here.  For some functions, groups may not want to have a
           catered meal and they may provide their own food.  Please contact us to discuss
           what is required by us if you decide you want to bring food.


Q.        Are Refreshments Available?

A.        Yes, beverages may be purchased and include sodas, water, hot tea, hot chocolate,
           juice and frozen slushy drinks.  In addition alcoholic drinks are available for
           purchase, plus a variety of beers are on tap and there is a limited wine selection. 


Q.        Is there Audio / Video Equipment Available?

A.        The sound system will accommodate IPODS / MP3 players.  You may also use the
           CD player, Sirius satellite radio and wireless microphone.  Speakers are on located
           on both the upper and lower decks.  Additionally, the 52” inch television (equipped
           with a DVD player) is available; you may connect a laptop computer for your
           movies or slide show presentations (like PowerPoint.)  You may want to consider
           hiring a DJ for a formal event.


Q.        Is there Heating and Air Conditioning on board?

A.        The lower deck of the boat is enclosed and the cabin may be heated or cooled upon
           request.  The upper deck is open to the elements and not enclosed.


Q.        What Happens If It Rains?

A.        All cruises sail rain or shine. In the event of severe river conditions, the Charterer
          has the option of holding the function onboard the Hiawatha as scheduled, but 
          remaining at port, or rescheduling the charter. Should neither option be feasible,
          other arrangements will be made.


Q.        Is The Hiawatha Safe?

A.        Yes, the Hiawatha is United States Coast Guard inspected, operates by licensed
           captains and staffed by an experienced crew.