2017 Concert Cruise Schedule!  Schedule will be updated regularly.
Interested in booking your band on the Hiawatha? Call 570-326-2500 for availability.

Date Band Time          Ticket Price Website/
 Sat, May 20     Roadside Revolution                            6-8p  $10 Roadside Revolution 
 Sun, May 21  Flipside with Aaron Kelly  6-8p  $20 Flipside
 Sat, May 27  Shades of Indigo  9-11p  $10 Shades of Indigo
 Sat, Jun 3  Uncutt  9-11p   $10 Uncutt Band
 Sun, Jun 11  Moxie & Rebel  8-11p   $10 Moxie & Rebel
 Fri, Jun 16  Wonder Chunk  9-11p   $10 Wonder Chunk
 Sat, Jun 17  Dirty Mojo Band  9-11p   $10 The Dirty Mojo Blues Band 
 Sat, Jun 24  Mums the Word/Cadillac Cats  9-11p  $10 Mums the Word
 Fri, Jul 7  Audiobox  9-11p  $10 Audiobox
 Sat, Jul 8  Scott Bird Band  9-11p  Sold Out The Scott Bird Band 
 Sat, Jul 15  Roadside Revolution  9-11p   $10 Roadside Revolution
 Fri, Jul 21  Heartland Drive  9-11p  $10 Heartland Drive
 Sun, Jul 23  Flipside with Pizza  6-8p  $15 Flipside
 Sat, Jul 29  Cadillac Cats  9-11p   $10 The Cadillac Cats
 Sun Jul 30  Pepper Street Band  6-8p  $10 www.pepperstreetband.com
 Fri, Aug 4  Night Hawks  6-8p   $10 Night Hawks
 Sat, Aug 12  Shades of Indigo  9:30-11:30p   $10 Shades of Indigo
 Fri, Aug 18  Miz Ida and the All Nightaz  9-11p  $10 Miz Ida and the All-Nightas
 Sat, Aug 19  Mums the Word  9-11p   $10 Mums the Word
 Sat, Aug 25  No-Maddz  9:30-11:30p   $12 No-Maddz
 Sat, Aug 26  Uncutt  9-11p  $10 Uncutt Band
 Sun, Aug 27  Flipside with Aaron Kelly  6-8p  $20 Flipside
 Sun, Sep 3  Chris Bell Band  6-8p  $10 Chris Bell Band
 Sat, Sept 16  Moxie & Rebel  9-11p   $10 Moxie & Rebel
 Sun, Sept 17  Pepper Street Band  6-8p  $10 www.pepperstreetband.com
 Wed, Sep 20  Twin Sinners  7-9p  $10 Twin Sinners
 Sun, Sep 23  Mums the Word  9-11p   $10 Mums the word 
 Sun, Oct 15  Flipside with Pizza  6-8p  $15 Flipside

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